Friday, February 25, 2011

LUV Multimedia Presents THE HEART OF DEATH

New CGI film THE HEART OF DEATH promises  to bring a new age, groundbreaking animated story that will be remarkable on many levels.  An animated film designed by an extremely small animation team,  HEART OF DEATH is the maiden effort of the CHRONICLE OF EROS line of films that are set to be marketed towards adults who enjoy animation but desire movies that don't include singing animals or show tunes...not that there  is anything wrong with that...:-)

Termed "cerebral erotica", many of the CHRONICLES OF EROS storylines will detail magical adventures filled with hot, sensual moments.  Because of  erotic themes and occasional nudity the  movies will be geared towards a more mature, discriminating audience.

HOD Trailer here:

THE HEART OF DEATH is loosely based on the mythological story of Persephone and the Greek God of Death.  In this version of events, Persephone is an island noblewoman who was named after the famed Grecian Goddess.  Death Thonos (who is patterned more after the God Thanatos than Hades), falls for her after hearing her discuss the nature of death with her best friend Lady Abigail McIntyre.

Problem is, universal law strictly prohibits death from consorting with the living.

To find a way around the issue, Death-Thonos enlists the aid of his nephew, Dream-Morpheus.  The younger god creates a sleep spell, where Death can pull Persephone  spirit into the underworld for nightly seductions.  The purpose?  Well, not only to get "better acquainted" but to turn her into a Goddess, effectively circumventing Universal Law.

Things hit a snag however, when Persephone realizes that she may not want to be the Queen of the Dead, and decides to beat Thonos at his own game.

HEART OF DEATH is slated for release late Summer of 2011.

In the end, LUV MULTIMEDIA hopes that HEART OF DEATH as well as CHRONICLES OF EROS will broaden people's palettes and minds when it comes to CGI animation.

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