Thursday, May 5, 2011


Already submitted SGL for DRAGON CON and looking around to see what other places may be good to drop both SGL and HOD ( when completed)

Cause o' this I will be off and on until August when I told the hubby I will be done and officially taking a month long break. 

Now, DC has this long ass form to fill out and at one point I had to categorize Spirit Gum Luv --I was at a bit of a loss. Erotica? Check--fantasy--Check--magical check--spell-casting--uh huh--a little dark-- fun but moody...So what genre does it fall in?

Hentai doesn't seem to fit entirely although they are animated and there is sex in it.

There are wizards and spells but it ain't exactly Harry Potter either.

Hubby coined the phrase "Cinematic animation"

Whaddya think?

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