Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As most who have become familiar with my work knows, it falls a bit towards "literary erotica", and by erotica I mean there is a sex element.

Thing is, most places I tried to post stuff banned me. I mean, we can see all kinda of crap on prime time TV (when most kids are awake mind you) that details the hot and smexy but heaven forbid naked pixels emulate it.

The SECRET ROOM was thus born and is live and ready for viewing. For obvious reasons it is not easily accessed by the viewing public.

You have to go to:


and type in:

username: secretscene
pw: iamover17

To see the erotica based works that will be found in the film--hey cannot say one wasn't forewarned, eh.

I plan to put other clips up as time permits and as I continue to go along. Not all sex scenes I design will end up in the film either so some clips may be merely for show...

Still working on the Chastity belt scene and a little naughty something between Eros and Psyche...

Stay Tuned...



  1. Beautiful! Blogspot works very nicely. Apparently also it's not repressive - you might be able to post everything here.

    (hug) Tom

  2. I know right! Very excited about this as I can really stretch my legs--I am sure there are a few lines I could cross to get in trouble here as well though--doh! LOL