Saturday, March 26, 2011


I want you with a heat that is beyond reason...

heart of Death Links

At first I didn't understand his need for me, only that is was as great as a child's need for support. He explained his need one day, and I admit my heart felt as if someone had sliced it open. He had lived alone. There are other creatures in his realm, but he did not have a satisfying emotional connection with any of them. Goddesses were notoriously fickle, just like their male counterparts. It seemed that Thanos was not like other gods. This was no flighty want. It was a need. At the risk of sounding vain, I say that he found something in me he did not often see. He enjoyed my respect of the natural balance of the universe, my love of learning, and my sparkling spirit. I challenged him. I still do. I will never stop challenging him, and he loves that. At times I wonder why his love hasn't consumed me and broken me apart. At times I wonder if I am broken apart.

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