Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Persephone trembled beneath him unable to move, her thoughts a jumble....She arched towards him her body still hungry for his touch.

Oh so much want, want, WANT!

"Oh Thanos! Thanos,  no one will..can...ever touch me...oh Thanos...." She sobbed,  "THANOS--I love you..I love you!!!  This sacred is ours--no man...could...oh my love..."

Persephone heard Thanos breath catch and his eyes grew dark as he stared mutely down at her, his face grim and indecipherable.

Had she said something to anger him...?

But then, to her surprise, ebony ribbons flowed just to his cheeks--she guessed them to be tears though they hadn't the look of a man's salty stains...

His tears were thick and obsidian...and  for her--a confusion...

Thanos breathed deep  and  spoke in a  low, booming tone that reverberated and spread throughout the room, " Ex hic ut infinitio, infinitas ... Persephone Christos, from now unto"


  1. animated scene pls... such a beautiful story! can't wait to watch the whole movie!!

  2. Hey you! Thank you--Yeah we just finished the film actually and setting it up for distro which is taking a bit of time. Just finished a new trailer--you can go to to see can also like us on facebook to get updates on the film's release...